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Tattoo Party

What it is...


The simplest definition of a tattoo party is where you invite a bunch of your friends over to our place, set out munchies and drinks and enjoy yourselves.  The only difference from a normal “party” is that you will have a tattoo artist available for those interested in getting a



The tattooing is done professionally, following all New Jersey & Federal Health Codes, while being in a relaxed and comfortable environment.  Everything is completely sterilized at start-up and between each tattoo.


You can use any excuse to host a tattoo party:  a birthday, a holiday, a special event, or simply just to have a tattoo party.  While the event is informal , there are very specific rules that we adhere to that should be followed.  I have also included some helpful tips to keep in mind that will make the party a success.


How it works...


Find at least 6 people, including yourself, that are interested in getting a tattoo at your party ($120.00 min. each tattoo), the tattoo area will be just for you and your guests. Drinking on premises is fine as long as you already received your tattoo. We DO NOT tattoo anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You can drink after you receive your tattoo.  You will need to make a list of each person & collect a $20.00 cash deposit from each of them.  Put the names on the list in the order that they would prefer to be tattooed.  While we work mostly on a first-come first-served basis, having the list lets people know in what order their guaranteed slot will be.  If the customers want to swap places, a quick glance at the list lets them know who they can negotiate with.  It's also a quick way of estimating time before a customer's turn!


The $100 min. cash deposits collected from each of your guests comes off the price of each guest's tattoo and must be turned in to the artist at least one full work week before your party date.  This deposit guarantees your party date. This is a non-refundable deposit.  The Deposit & Party List can be delivered in person to the shop, or mailed to:

Muse Tattoo & Art Gallery, LLC

Attn: Tattoo Party

5 East Broad St.

Palmyra, NJ 08065


Some tattoos that may require a lot of time to draw up (i.e. Quarter Sleeves, Large Back Pieces, High Detailed) may require a draw up fee due to the amount of time we would have to prepare that tattoo but varies and normally is no more then $20.00 - $50.00 depending on detail.


We can tattoo six or more guests in a full day comfortably, more if the tattoos are small and if your guests know exactly what they want.  If someone is looking to get anything large or complex requiring design work, have the person contact me ahead of time to begin the artwork.  

Otherwise, all artwork will be done on site with the customer.  We will have reference books and pictures available at the party for people to look at for ideas.


The more of a success that your party is, the greater the discount you will earn towards your tattoo.  A minimum of $50 will be discounted from your tattoo.  We reserve the right to do the host or hostess’s tattoo at the end of the party, or at a later scheduled time, if necessary.  

The discount that you earn is transferable.  If you don’t want the tattoo, you can designate someone else for the discount.

Please Read Our Rules and Preparation Pages

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